What's the right Vape Pen Battery for you?

Vape Pen Battery Guide

Like being able to smoke discreetly on the go? Who doesn’t… and Vape Pens are incredibly popular for that reason; but there are SO many 510- threaded batteries to choose from to keep your pen going. Here’s a quick run down on the options;

Buttonless / Autodraw / Slim Vape Pens

  • Regulates voltage based on how hard you inhale

  • Low voltage for smooth vapor

  • won’t accidentally light in your pocket

  • easy to use

Button Batteries

  • standard voltage, around 3.7volts

  • works well with most profiled cartridges

  • complete on/off

  • 5 clicks to go through on/off settings

Variable Voltage

  • ultimate control over power and battery function

  • longer battery life

  • customize vape experience to your liking by cranking up voltage for bigger vapor clouds, or keep low for a smaller, tasty vapor hit.

Discrete and Concealable

  • the most compact/ discreet design

  • works will all slim cartridges

  • built in charger

  • variable voltage