How To Choose The Right Grinder

Rise And Grind 

Life is all about choices. Do you want regular gas or premium? Do you want season tickets, or just for one game? Do you want a year's supply of bacon, or do you just want a pack for the week? And do you want fries with that? The choices are endless, and picking out a great grinder is no different. But just like all of the choices above, how you intend to use it will determine your choice. 



Every Day Is A Grind

Most stoners have a routine, a ritual if you will, when smoking or consuming their favorite herb. Everyone has their preferred method, but NOT ALL GRINDERS ARE CREATED EQUALLY. Different grinders have different purposes, so let's see how they all shake up.

Holy Rollers

Our first option is for those who prefer to roll. I'll start by saying that there are many ways to roll a joint or a blunt, but in my experience, the chunkier the grind, the more consistent the burn. A lot of old heads like to grind by hand if they are rolling, but you might be pretty lazy like myself, so I would suggest a grinder with wide holes. Larger pieces will make rolling easier and there will be less loose product falling out of the end. 

Heart of Glass

Our next option is for those who prefer hand pipes or water pipes when smoking. Typically, a medium grind does the best. If the pieces are too large, they won't burn as evenly. And if they're too small, they can fall down in your pipe and you'll get a nice little scooby snack. Look for a three-stage grinder with medium sized holes, something with a pollen catch on the bottom. If you're packing a pipe, you can sprinkle pollen on top for a nice boost. Medium grind burns consistently, and ensures your sesh will be smooth. 

Pass the Pax, Bro

Our final option is for herbal vaporizers like the Pax or the Volcano. When vaporizing herb, the consistency needs to be very fine. Vaporizing doesn't combust herb like smoking does, but rather cooks it. In order for this process to be as efficient as possible, the surface area of your product needs to be maximized. A two stage grinder works best because product is continually ground in the first chamber. You can grind for longer to get a finer consistency. The holes in herbal vape chambers are very small, so don't worry about any coming through to your mouth. 

Other Dope Options

I get asked often about electric grinders. Are they worth it? Is that too bougie for me? Will it break on me? All of these questions are valid, and you are the only one who can answer that question. Do you often find yourself zoning out or getting bored during the grinding process? Do you smoke a lot and subsequently grind a lot? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, you may want to go check out options on electric grinders. Another use is for people who have arthritis or other ailments that may prevent them from gripping and twisting. Don't let that keep you from grinding, fam. The future is here and it's called electric grinders. 

Size Matters

I know what you're thinking, but it's not like that. You don't want to show up to a 12 man sesh with a dinky little grinder. And you don't want a massive grinder if you're unwinding by yourself after a long day. Find something that will best suit your habits and routines. 


I hope this helped. There's a lot of different options out there and a lot of great brands. A few of my personal favorites are RAW, Santa Cruz Shredder, Tsunami, and SLX. Please feel free to suggest better options or reach out if you have questions about finding your next grinder. Stay grinding, fam. 

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