Hemp Papers vs. Rice Papers

How Do I Choose The Right Rolling Papers?

It's Friday afternoon. You get off work and you head to your nearest smoke shop, with plans of rolling a fat one when you get home. As you walk through the door, you immediately see 50+ different types of rolling papers by dozens of major brands. In a day and age where everything has been thought of, how do we as smokers find the right rolling papers with so many solid options on the market?

The unfortunate truth is that there's really no easy answer. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to papers, ranging from how well it rolls, how well it preserves the flavor of your product, how susceptible it is to canoeing, how slow it burns, and the list goes on. If you really want a solid answer, you're going to have to do a little bit of experimenting to find your perfect paper. But if you want a quick, easy answer (in true 2022 fashion), I've narrowed it down to a few easy choices. 

Based off my personal experiences smoking with rolling papers for the last 10+ years, there are two types of papers that really stand out.

Hemp vs. Rice 

 Tried and True, Hemp for Me and You

There are many benefits to rolling with hemp papers. Industrial hemp has made a comeback in the last 20 years, giving it a slight disadvantage to traditional rolling papers in terms of popularity. However, as far as ease of use, it is very versatile. It holds its shape well, which is good for beginning rollers, and it also preserves the natural flavors of the product you've chosen to roll. It is thicker than rice paper, which is good for rolling, but can produce a harsher smoke. That being said, there's nothing wrong with a little cough-cough after a puff-puff-pass.

Here are some excellent options within the category of hemp paper - RAW Classic or Organic Hemp Blends, OCB Hemp, Vibes Natural Hemp, Big Bamboo Natural Hemp

Rice, Rice, Baby (The Thinner Winner)

Rice papers are a newer (in comparison to wood pulp and hemp) alternative rolling paper. Produced from processed and pressed rice, these papers are some of the thinnest on the market. Their thinness is both a blessing and a curse. Because they're so thin, they are more suited to seasoned rollers, as they can tear easily. But they produce virtually no flavors or aftertaste, meaning you only get the flavor of the terpenes. Rice papers also burn slowly, despite being thin. If you are a cannabis purist, these are the papers for you. 

Here are some excellent options within the category of rice papers - Elements Rice Papers, Vibes Rice Papers

In short, if you are a newer smoker who's looking to get into rolling, I would recommend a hemp paper due to how easy it is to roll something that will smoke well while also keeping solid flavor. If you're seasoned and want to try something new, rice papers will be the best for flavor while also being less harsh on your lungs. You can find both of these options at your nearest Smoker's Cabinet, and a well trained associate will help you find the best papers for you. 


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